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At CZM SILK, we stand as a prominent silk product manufacturing facility based in the illustrious silk hub of Hangzhou, China. Established in 2009, our core specialization lies in crafting custom and wholesale 100% mulberry silk products, which encompass an array of items including silk scarves, pillowcases, sleep masks, fabrics, scrunchies, headbands, face masks, bonnets, ties, pajamas, and robes. Our extensive clientele spans across the globe, with renowned brands such as CORUM, COCA-COLA, AIRFRANCE, GOOGLE, SK-II, DAS AUTO, TOYOTA, and many more placing repeat orders, drawn by our competitive pricing, exceptional quality, and top-notch service.

For CZM SILK, the process of manufacturing silk products is akin to a form of sheer indulgence. In our eyes, silk transcends being a mere fabric; it is the ultimate canvas for crafting exquisite works of art. We ardently believe that silk need not be synonymous with extravagance. Our mission is to make the opulence and comfort of silk accessible to all, offering affordability without compromise on the enduring quality and durability that silk is renowned for.

Every silk creation that emanates from our facility adheres to the most stringent standards. We are unwavering in our commitment to quality, ensuring that our silk products meet all European norms and undergo rigorous testing by leading independent agencies. To provide our clients with complete transparency and assurance, we readily offer testing reports for their reference.

As a responsible organization, we wholeheartedly believe in the paramount importance of social responsibility and environmental accountability. We are dedicated to nurturing a positive work culture and fostering sustainable growth. From the responsible sourcing of materials to environmentally-conscious manufacturing processes, our commitment to these principles permeates every facet of our operations. Our mission is to minimize our environmental impact while delivering silk products that not only enhance lives but also contribute to a better world.

CZM SILK invites you to embark on a journey where silk is not merely a luxury, but an embodiment of comfort, style, and ethical responsibility. Join us in redefining your perception of silk, where it is an art form accessible to all, a medium that celebrates both beauty and sustainability.

Silk Products Factory
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Digital Printing Equipment

We employ cutting-edge printing technology for silk fabrics, utilizing Homer 1800, Atexco S series, and Atexco D series machines. These advanced printers are capable of rendering high-quality images at 600×1800 dpi resolution on silk textiles, printing at impressive speeds of 150-180 square meters per hour. With the aid of our specially formulated sizing agent, we achieve excellent penetration, resulting in backside colors that match 70%-80% of the front side colors. What’s more, our inks are environmentally friendly and certified by KYOCERA and INTERTEK, ensuring both safety and quality. Additionally, we now offer Double-Side printing machines, enabling simultaneous printing of identical or different designs on both sides of the fabric.

Digital Printing Machine
Digital Printing Product Lines

Our facility boasts over 10 screen printing platforms operated by a skilled team of 30 printers. With this workforce and equipment, we have the capacity to produce an impressive 5000 meters of prints daily, maintaining an outstanding qualification rate of over 98% while ensuring shorter production times. Screen printing excels at rendering intricate details and vibrant colors, outperforming digital printing in this aspect. It achieves a remarkable color matching rate, reaching nearly 80-90% of the color intensity on the front side. However, it’s worth noting that screen printing may pose limitations when dealing with complex designs, such as gradients or using more than 20 different colors.

We have a team of nearly 20 highly skilled stitching artisans who excel in crafting various silk apparel and accessories. Their expertise extends to designing new, fashionable styles and shapes, and they possess the agility to complete rush orders with remarkable speed. Our meticulous quality control team, comprised of three individuals, has a keen eye for identifying 95% of any defective products. In addition, our team of four ironing and packaging professionals ensures that silk products are meticulously packed in either polybags or boxes.

Silk Products Factory

Our company, along with our affiliated factories, has successfully obtained ISO9001 certification for quality management systems and ISO14001 certification for environmental management. Many of our affiliated factories have also earned international recognition for adhering to social responsibility standards, including certifications such as BSCI, SEDEX, ICS, SLCP, and WCA. In addition, our commitment to eco-friendly practices is evident through our authentication for environment-friendly products, including HIGG, OEKOTEX STANDARD 100, GRS, RCS renewable products, RWS responsible wool, GOTS organic products, and BCI better cotton initiative.

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